Arts and Literature – Territorial Partnership – Support for Residencies and Co-Production

Arts et lettres – Partenariat territorial – Soutien à l’accueil en résidence et à la co-production (mobilité)



Program Type

Dissemination, Production



Type of Aid


Financial Aid

80%, up to $20,000


This program supports projects that pursue partnership initiatives with a community or stakeholders in a given territory. These projects must respond to at least one of the following objectives:

Encourage the circulation of artists and artistic and literary works within or across regional county municipalities

Promote the circulation of artists with regards to creation or resourcing projects

Encourage residencies for creation with organizations supported by CALQ

Support co-production projects, whether artistic or financial


  • Applicants must:
  • Be headquartered in a regional county municipality or municipality targeted by the program

  • Have already been supported by another CALQ program, in the case of a residency

  • Applicants can submit only one application for a regional program per deadline
  • Regardless of the program or section, an application cannot be made if a funded project has been completed for three months or longer and a report on the use of the grant has yet to be received and approved by CALQ
  • Maximum of eight concurrent projects with CALQ per year
  • An applicant cannot present a project that has already been reviewed and rejected in the same fiscal year unless it has been significantly altered
  • Ineligible organizations include:
  • Organizations receiving funding from the Ministry of Culture and Communications or SODEC

  • Organizations dedicated to teaching, education, or professional training

  • Public organizations or semipublic organizations representing governments

  • Eligible projects include:
  • Residency projects for an organization, company or artist in residence to create or produce a new work, whether or not it is intended for dissemination; residency projects may include workshops, animation and audience development activities

  • Artistic or financial co-production projects of a work

Eligible Expenses

  • Artist fees and copyright
  • Professional fees for employees, collaborators, consultants, technicians and other specialists
  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation costs (hotel and meals)
  • Costs related to outreach and dissemination activities, including promotion and publicity costs
  • Equipment rental
  • Equipment transportation costs
  • Purchase costs for specialized equipment, in cases where the equipment is necessary for the project and either cannot be rented or the purchase price is less than the rental cost

Supporting Documents

  • Completed CALQ application form
  • Copies of the organization’s letters patent
  • Copies of the organization’s general regulations
  • Copies of recent financial statements
  • Balance sheet for the most recent year of activity
  • Itemized budget
  • Detailed project schedule
  • Written confirmation from partners, identifying the nature of their contribution to the project
  • Written confirmation from the artist or company invited, in the case of a residency
  • Written confirmation from collaborators, if applicable
  • Press kit
  • Curriculum vitae of the participating artists and their main collaborators (if applicable)