Refundable Tax Credit for Film Dubbing

Crédit d’impôt remboursable pour le doublage de films



Program Type




Type of Aid

Refundable tax credit

Financial Aid



This program supports dubbing activities carried out in Quebec and allows companies operating in this field to expand their market.


  • Eligible companies be established in Quebec and operate a company that provides dubbing services
  • At least 75% of individuals who provided services related to actors’ performances or direction must have resided in Quebec at the end of the calendar year preceding the one during which these services were rendered
  • Eligible films include:
  • Fiction, including films composed entirely of sketches that are drawn from a script and are conceived of specifically for television

  • Documentary films of a minimum length of 30 minutes or, in the case of a series, 30 minutes per episode, with the exception of documentaries intended for young people, which may be shorter

  • Magazine and variety television shows, including variety shows with participation in games, quizzes, or contests of an educational nature and intended for young people

  • Other magazine or variety television shows, including games, quizzes, or contests, that meet specific criteria (see documentation)

Eligible Expenses

  • Costs related to a test screening to establish distribution of the dubbed film
  • Fees for actors’ performances
  • Fees related to dialogue translation
  • Costs related to detection, or the writing of dialogue that is synchronized, with the aid of agreed upon signs, with speech and mouth movements in the original version
  • Costs related to recopying the adapted text while taking into account indications for synchronization to be read by the actors during a recording session
  • Costs related to preparing texts, including the work relating to computer-assisted detection, proofreading and correcting adapted texts, etc.
  • Costs related to directing the actors during a recording session
  • Other relevant expenses