Awareness for French-Language Song and Dissemination for College Communities

Sensibilisation à la chanson et diffusion pour le milieu collégial



Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

50% of the artist fee, up to $1,000 (up to $20,000 per artist or group in a single accounting period)


This program raises awareness of French-language song for CEGEP students by supporting outreach activities including professional concerts and activities developed specifically for this audience. It offers a student audience a variety of concerts oriented towards their interests and encourages the development of a listenership for emerging artists with a limited access to professional concert venues.


  • Applicant companies must be legally incorporated, headquartered in Quebec, have been established for at least one year, and have been sufficiently active over the course of that period
  • Applicant companies must be under majority control of Canadian citizens domiciled in Quebec
  • Applicant companies must produce or represent artists, the majority of whom are Canadian citizens domiciled in Quebec
  • Self-publishing companies are also eligible
  • Artists’ fees must respect current market rates and, wherever possible, be equivalent from one CEGEP to another
  • Performances must be presented during the academic year of the targeted financial year (end of August to June)
  • For performances given by young artists, a participating artist or group must:
  • Be considered an emerging professional artist or group

  • Have recorded at most three albums without having reached a large audience through the network of professional concert venues

  • Have a target audience of young people aged 16 to 20

  • Have released an album or EP (minimum four tracks) over the 24 previous months

  • For performances for the discovery of established artists, participating artists must be Quebec residents
  • Performances by established artists in the form of combination concert-conferences or concert-workshops are also eligible
  • The venue or space provided by CEGEPs must offer professional conditions for performances
  • This program is intended for a student audience; if the performance is presented at a recognized venue, a reduced student ticket price must be offered

Eligible Expenses

  • Artist fees

Supporting Documents