Support for Companies Specializing in Soundtrack Production and Recording

Aide aux entreprises spécialisées en production et en enregistrement de trames sonores musicales



Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

Variable (see criteria)


This program supports the production of musical soundtracks for film, television, and videogames. Its objective is to promote the production of notable soundtracks in Quebec and encourage producers in these fields to work with Quebec companies, musicians, and composers for their productions.


  • Financial aid:
  • 10% for projects where film or television production as well as production of the soundtrack takes place in Quebec

  • 10% for video game soundtracks

  • 30% for film or television productions where only the soundtrack is produced in Quebec

  • Applicant companies must be under majority control of Canadian citizens or permanent residents domiciled in Quebec and whose tax residency is in Quebec
  • Applicant companies must be headquartered in Quebec
  • Applicant companies must be active for at least two years and demonstrate the necessary expertise to produce soundtracks
  • Applicant companies must have respected previous obligations to SODEC, if applicable
  • Eligible projects include projects for the creation and production of musical soundtracks that are produced and recorded entirely in Quebec, with Quebec performers, and intended for film, television or video game productions, both in Quebec and abroad
  • The value of the contract for the soundtrack must be greater or equal to $100,000 and cannot include multiple projects intended to reach the minimum amount
  • Projects in progress or already completed at the time of the application are ineligible

Eligible Expenses

  • Salaries and fees for Quebec musicians, composers or other personnel (a composer’s salary or fee cannot exceed 25% of all eligible expenses)

Supporting Documents

  • Application form to determine eligibility (all three sections)
  • Detailed description of the applicant company’s activities and accomplishments, including any soundtracks produced during the previous two financial years
  • Financial statements for the two previous completed accounting periods
  • The soundtrack, if available
  • A provisional production schedule for the soundtrack
  • A provisional budget for production costs
  • Declaration of residency in Quebec for musicians, composers and other professionals from Quebec working directly on the soundtrack
  • A copy of the soundtrack contract specifying the work to be done according to the type of production (film, television or videogame)
  • A copy of the soundtrack producer’s contract, if available
  • A copy of the composer’s contract
  • Cost report
  • Proof of receipt of compensation
  • Master file, including:
  • Copies of the governing documents, certificate of constitution, articles of incorporation, declaration of registration, certificate of amendment and partnership or shareholders agreement (if applicable)

  • A business plan

  • Information on shareholders/directors

  • Organizational structures for the applicant company and, if applicable, any affiliated companies, including shareholders

  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant company’s executives