Support for Export and Cultural Outreach – Sodexport – Section 2.2: Support for Music and Variety Tours Outside of Quebec

Programme d'aide à l'exportation et au rayonnement culturel – Volet 2.2 : Soutien à la tournée de spectacles de musique et variétés hors Québec



Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

$25,000 per tour, up to a maximum of $50,000 per artist or group in a fiscal year


This section of the program offers financial support for the realization of a performance tour outside of Quebec, particularly for costs related to travel, accommodation, and equipment rental.


  • Applications must be submitted at least 20 days before the tour begins
  • Applicant companies must:
  • Be active for at least two years

  • Have achieved revenues of at least $150,000 over the previous fiscal year

  • Possess a management structure and the competencies necessary to carry out the proposed activities as well as the financial resources necessary to realize them

  • Have at least two Quebec artists, groups, or ensembles under contract, not including company shareholders

  • Eligible tours must include at least five dates outside of Quebec in a given territory during a continuous time period
  • At least two different venues must be included in the tour schedule for a tour to be eligible
  • Participation in music festivals as well as performances in showcases during recognized events can be included in the minimum number of tour dates
  • The Quebec artist or group must be sufficiently established and have experience in the Quebec market that is deemed significant
  • Artists must have a recent recording, with the first date of the tour taking place either:
  • Within 24 months following the release of an album or EP (36 months for a jazz, classical, or traditional recording)

  • Within six months preceding the release of an album or EP in Quebec or the territory in which the tour will take place

  • Applicant companies must be contractually linked with the artist or group to carry out the touring project
  • Free public performances can be part of the tour if fees are provided for in the contract
  • This grant can support up to 15 people, including a maximum of three technicians and a number of musicians not exceeding the usual size of a touring group
  • This grant can only cover expenses incurred after the day an application is submitted
  • The maximum grant amount cannot exceed the total tour revenue excluding SODEC’s contribution

Eligible Expenses

  • 40% of the economy class round-trip plane tickets, with a maximum contribution per ticket based on the destination ($400 for North America, $600 for Europe, $800 for other regions)
  • 40% of local transportation costs between the first and last performance of the tour for economy class transportation or renting a vehicle
  • 40% of transportation costs for equipment or on-site rental, insurance, and work visas for a total maximum contribution of $2,000 per tour
  • Accommodation expenses of $140 per person per day when lodging is not provided, or a daily lump sum of $80 per person per day is afforded when lodging is provided (maximum 30 days)
  • Support for accommodation expenses also includes the night before the first performance, the day of each performance, as well as the following day

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