Support for Artisans and Companies in Arts and Crafts – Section 2: Support for Artisans and Start-Up Companies

Aide aux artisans et aux entreprises en métiers d’art – Volet 2 : Aide aux artisans et aux entreprises en démarrage



Program Type



16-Apr-21; 29-Oct-21

Type of Aid


Financial Aid

50%, up to $10,000


This section of the program allows artisans and start-up companies to acquire the appropriate equipment for their development and production. It also promotes their positioning in the Quebec market by supporting their marketing activities.


  • Applicant companies must be start-ups (i.e. active for one to three years)
  • Applicant companies must:
  • Be a sole proprietorship or a legally incorporated company

  • Be entirely owned by Canadian citizens domiciled in Quebec

  • Be headquartered in Quebec

  • Demonstrate that they have at least one year of recognized professional activity and that their work has been shared in a professional context (e.g. venues, events, organizations, or companies where works are selected by professionals in the field)

  • Commit to investing an amount equivalent to the funding they receive for the project

  • Companies that are eligible for Section 1 of this program are ineligible for Section 2

Eligible Expenses

  • Expenses related to production, including:
  • Purchase and modernization of equipment

  • Technology integration

  • Health and safety system installations (ventilation, dust collection, etc.)

  • Expenses related to marketing, including:
  • Development of promotional tools (catalogues, brochures, websites, etc.)

  • Marketing activities in Quebec (participation in specialized fairs, etc.)

  • Design and production of stands and displays

Supporting Documents

  • Completed SOD@ccès online application form
  • Declaration form for the applicant company
  • A portfolio of recent works
  • A descriptive list of works being presented
  • Budget
  • Estimates from contractors
  • Project schedule
  • Financial statements
  • Master file, including:
  • A description of activities and accomplishments

  • Copies of the governing documents, certificate of constitution, articles of incorporation, declaration of registration, certificate of amendment and partnership or shareholders agreement (if applicable)

  • Organizational structures for the applicant company and, if applicable, any affiliated companies, including shareholders

  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant company’s executives

  • Information on shareholders/directors

  • Detailed financial forecasts