Pre-Development Support for Television Series Based on Literary Adaptations

Aide au prédéveloppement de séries télévisées basées sur des adaptations littéraires



Program Type



July 17, 2020

Type of Aid

Repayable grant

Financial Aid

75%, up to $50,000


This program is offered jointly between SODEC and the Canada Media Fund (CMF) and supports the pre-development of French-language fiction, documentary or children's animation television series that are adaptations of Quebec literary works. It enables companies to mobilize the expertise needed to pre-develop one or more projects that have not yet received support from a broadcaster, distributor or development funding, and facilitates the commitment of financial support from partners in the subsequent stages of development and production.


  • Applicant companies must:
  • Be a legally constituted for-profit company with audiovisual production as its main activity

  • Have its head office and principal place of business in Quebec, and demonstrate that the effective control of the company is held by a majority persons having their tax residence in Quebec

  • Have been in operation for at least one year and have the appropriate professional experience in the production of television series

  • Sole proprietorships are ineligible
  • To be considered eligible, projects must be French-language fiction television series, documentary series or children's animation and meet all of the following criteria:
  • The project must be an adaptation of a Quebec literary work

  • The project must include writing, preparation and presentation activities related to the pre-development phase

  • The project can only start after the date of application and may not include eligible expenses incurred before that date, except those related to the acquisition of rights or options

  • All rights and options necessary for the development and production of the project must be held by the applicant company

  • All key positions involved in the pre-development project must be held by professionals who have had their tax residence in Quebec for at least two years

  • Television series projects must comply with the Act respecting the sectoral parameters of certain fiscal measures
  • Eligible projects must be new, never having received funding from SODEC or the CMF
  • Applicant companies may submit a maximum of two projects per submission
  • Co-productions at the pre-development stage are ineligible
  • The financial participation of other public funders will be taken into account and, in all cases, applicant companies must assume at least 25% of the total project budget, including a minimum of 10% of this budget in the form of a monetary investment

Eligible Expenses

  • Option fees paid to an unrelated party or vesting fees of Quebec's literary work
  • Screenwriter(s)'s fee
  • Scriptwriting consultant(s)'s fee
  • Script editor's fee
  • The fees of the author-producer (showrunner)
  • Other labour costs directly related to the project (i.e. writers' room)
  • Administration fees (maximum 10% of eligible expenses)
  • Producer's remuneration (maximum 10% of eligible expenses)
  • Any other expenses that are deemed relevant and necessary to the project

Supporting Documents

  • Completed SOD@ccès online application form
  • Declaration form for the applicant company
  • The television series project adaptation proposal (maximum 2 pages)
  • Description of key positions on the production team (writers, screenwriting consultants, script editor, showrunner, director, producer) with short biographical notes
  • A list of television series produced by the applicant company
  • The financial structure and detailed budget of the pre-development project
  • Confirmation of funding from other public or private partners, if applicable
  • The history of the chain of title as well as the contracts, licenses and agreements for the acquisition of rights and option contracts
  • Any other document necessary for SODEC to assess the application
  • Documents required to open or update the master file, including:
  • Copies of the governing documents, certificate of constitution, articles of incorporation, declaration of registration, certificate of amendment and partnership or shareholders agreement (if applicable)

  • Shareholders and directors identification form

  • Organizational structures for the applicant company and, if applicable, any affiliated companies, including shareholders

  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant company’s executives

  • Financial statements