Entrepreneurial Development Support – Section 1: Acquisition of Expertise

Aide au développement entrepreneurial – Volet 1 : Acquisition d'expertises



Program Type



29-Apr-22; 29-Jul-22; 28-Oct-22; 27-Jan-23

Type of Aid


Financial Aid

75%, up to $75,000


This program supports the implementation of entrepreneurial support projects in order to stimulate the development and improve the performance of cultural enterprises, regardless of their stage of development: start-up, diversification, entrepreneurial succession, growth, technological turnaround, turnaround, transfer. Specifically, Section 1 of the program seeks to enable the acquisition of new expertise and know-how within companies and to accelerate the establishment of conditions favorable for change in the crucial stages of a company's development.


  • Applicant companies must:
  • Be a legally incorporated for-profit or not-for-profit company, established and registered with the Quebec, under Quebec control and operating mainly in a field relevant to SODEC's activities

  • Have their head office and principal place of business in Quebec, and demonstrate that the majority control of the company is held by persons with their a tax residence in Quebec

  • Be in operation for at least one year or have the appropriate professional experience, or be a new business only in cases of transfer of existing cultural businesses

  • Sole proprietorships are ineligible, except for applicant companies in the Arts and Crafts field
  • Eligible entrepreneurial support projects must be personalized and focus on the real needs of the applicant company; the project must represent a significant step forward for the company through a coherent set of activities and be part of a planned intervention on a strategic function of the company or to support it in an important phase of its development
  • A structured support project is based on the identified needs of the company and includes, in addition to the detailed description of the training and expertise required, the implementation measures and short- and medium-term earnings prospects
  • Eligible activities include:
  • Models and business plans

  • Feasibility studies, market studies

  • Marketing strategies, export strategies

  • Technological or digital solutions

  • Intellectual property protection strategies

  • Strategies for the development of management capacities

  • Strategies for entrepreneurial succession or business transfer

  • Ineligible activities include:
  • The regular activities of the company and the operational activities already in progress

  • Training activities already supported by SODEC through other programs

  • Legal or tax consultations for advice in connection with the regular activities of the company

Eligible Expenses

  • Fees for advisors and experts
  • Costs related to the purchase of specialized information that is relevant and necessary for the project
  • All other expenses relevant and necessary to the realization of the project.

Supporting Documents

  • Completed application form, including :
  • A complete and detailed description of the project

  • The financial package and the estimate of the project

  • The detailed offer of service or letter of commitment (including fees), duly signed by the professional advisor(s)
  • Confirmation of funding from other public or private partners, if applicable
  • The documents required to open or update the master file
  • Any other document required for SODEC's assessment of the application