Special Measure for the Dissemination of Quebec Performances

Mesure particulière à la diffusion de spectacles québécois



Program Type

Dissemination, Production



Type of Aid


Financial Aid

75%, up to $75,000 per performance


This measure helps organizations presenting performances in Quebec by compensating for a portion of the loss of ticketing revenues caused by the application of measures prescribed by the Quebec government to curb the spread of COVID-19. Its implementation is aimed at recreating conditions likely to ensure that a level of activity is maintained in order to preserve the performance ecosystem.


  • Please note that the deadline for applications is November 20, 2020 at 10 AM (EST)
  • Eligible professional organizations that present Quebec performances in one or more of the following fields include:
  • Multidisciplinary and specialized presenters

  • Creation and production organizations that disseminate their works

  • National and international events (for Quebec productions only)

  • Multidisciplinary presenters must offer a program composed of shows from several disciplines, reflecting as much as possible the diversity of their regular programming
  • Quebec productions that are the subject of an applications must be planned or presented between October 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021
  • Cancelled performances will be eligible only if they are cancelled due to a theatre closure ordered by the Quebec government
  • Only professional shows that meet the definition of a Quebec production are considered eligible (a Quebec production is produced by a Quebec organization to which credits for creation and production management are allocated)
  • Applicant organizations must:
  • Be a legally constituted non-profit legal person with its head office in Quebec and the majority of its directors must be Canadian citizens ordinarily residing in Quebec or permanent residents

  • Have, as of March 1, 2020, been i nexistence for one year and have completed the presentation of performances in Quebec

  • Present Quebec performances in one or more of this program's eligible disciplines

  • Be the presenter of the show either as a presenting organization, including festivals, or as a creation and production organization that disseminates its own works

  • Only performances originally scheduled for October can be cancelled and rescheduled before March 31, 2021 and benefit from this measure at the time of cancellation and rescheduling
  • The following are considered ineligible:
  • Organizations under the jurisdiction of SODEC or the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications (MCC)

  • Performances of foreign shows

  • Performances related to projects supported under CALQ's Presentation of Shows with Physical Distancing measure

  • A performance whose purchase cost, including the box office receipts, is greater than $20,000

  • In the case of the performance of a show sold to the public before the pandemic broke out rescheduled under several performances, the third and all subsequent rescheduled performances are ineligible

  • Performances cancelled for a reason other than the closing of the theatres ordered by the Government of Quebec

  • Performances that do not comply with the Toolkit for the Performing Acts Sector, Performance Halls and Movie Theatres - COVID-19 at the time of presentation

  • Performances presented outside Quebec

  • Corporate performances

  • Performances that take place as part of celebrations or popular festivals

  • Benefit or charitable events

  • Performances of amateur shows

  • Performances offered in primary or secondary schools to the students of these schools

  • Applications submitted in a format other than that of the official application form; all forms must be submitted in Excel format

  • The amount of financial assistance may not have the effect of causing an operating surplus in the applicant's budget
  • If the health situation improves and more tickets can be sold, the grant amount will be reduced
  • The programming submitted may not include more than 50% of the number of performances in the reference year
  • The grant can be up to 75% of ticketing revenues that could not be earned due to government public health guidelines over the given period; the amount will be calculated as follows for each performance space used:
  • (Average number of tickets sold per performance in a reference year – Number of tickets allowed in social distancing) X (Average ticket price in the reference year, or that of the current season if it is lower) X 75 %

  • CALQ will inform the applicant organization of its decision in writing no later than December 23, 2020
  • An advance payment of 50% of the amount requested will be made once the eligibility of the application has been validated

Eligible Expenses

  • Ticket revenue

Supporting Documents

  • Completed Diffusion Data form for each venue used between October 1, 2020 and March 31, 2021
  • This form contains the data for the reference year as well as the dissemination plan for the period covered by the measure (the same reference year must be used for the entire application)

  • The form also distinguishes between information relating to general and young audiences in separate tabs

  • Completed and signed Budget Data form (one per application), indicating, among other things, the grant amount requested
  • Financial statements for the given reference year
  • Supporting materials demonstrating that the cancelled performances were planned (submit as a single PDF document)