Exploration and Digital Deployment

Exploration et déploiement numérique



Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

75%, up to $100,000



Through this program, CALQ aims to promote the adoption of digital practices by artists and organizations for the purposes of creation, production, dissemination and outreach and to support them in their efforts to optimize the discoverability of digital content.


  • The objectives of this program are:
  • To support artists and arts and literary organizations in their use of digital tools for the purposes of creation, production, dissemination and outreach

  • To support artists and arts and literary organizations in their efforts to optimize the discoverability of digital content, notably by producing metadata according to current professional standards and by making use of this metadata (open data)

  • To promote the development of digital skills through training activities and the transfer of expertise (artist residencies, interdisciplinary networking, etc.)

  • To promote the development of hubs for experimentation, innovation, research and artistic creation

  • Projects that adapt existing works to digital distribution according to best practices and projects for innovative and sustainable digital distribution will be prioritized
  • To be eligible, the applicant organization must have one year of existence and activities/productions, regardless of the nature of its activities
  • Activities already completed at the time of submission are not eligible
  • Regardless of the program or section, an application cannot be made if a funded project has been completed for three months or longer and a report on the use of the grant has yet to be received and approved by CALQ
  • An applicant may not have more than eight projects under review, supported, in progress, or completed within the last three months for which a report has not been filed and approved
  • An applicant may not submit a project that has already been analyzed and rejected in the same fiscal year, unless it has been substantially modified
  • Organizations supported by SODEC or the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications are ineligible
  • Eligible costs will be considered from the start date of a project
  • Projects will be evaluated according to:
  • Their coherence with program objectives

  • The quality of the achievements or outcomes>/p>

  • The feasibility of the projected budget

  • The appropriate remuneration of the artists and cultural workers involved in the project

  • The relevance of the technological choices made, based on the nature of the project

Eligible Expenses

  • Fees for participating artists and collaborators
  • Labor costs related to the development of the project such as employee salaries, training, and other human resource costs (including benefits)
  • Professional services, such as metadata production and formatting
  • Digital equipment acquisition, installation and rental costs
  • Research costs
  • Promotional costs
  • Transportation costs for goods and equipment
  • Travel costs
  • Other expenses related to the realization of the project (these must be detailed in the budget)

Supporting Documents

  • Completed application form
  • Copies of the organization’s letters patent and general regulations
  • Project realization timeline
  • Detailed budget
  • List of equipment and software to be acquired, with a justification of the relevance and use of each item
  • Quotes for the professional service(s) required (description of services offered, timeline for completion, evaluation of the costs including the number of hours and the hourly rate for the realization of each step of the mandate)
  • Letter of confirmation from partners, if applicable
  • Press kit (maximum five pages)
  • Supporting audiovisual materials