Call for Projects: Brand Image Development – Youth Films

Appel de projets – Dévelopmment de l'image de marque – Films jeunesse



Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

80%, up to $75,000



This call for projects aims to develop the brand image of Quebec films intended for a youth audience through promotional initiatives that go beyond traditional strategies. SODEC aims to provide producers and distributors with the means to diversify their promotional activities so that their film stands out among the competitive field of cinematic and cultural content in order to develop and retain young audiences. The specific objective of this call for projects is to encourage the discoverability and visibility of feature films for young people by:

Planning special events or technological initiatives

Establishing partnerships with other sectors of cultural activity

Creating of derivative or associated products


  • This call for projects is open to brand image development projects for Quebec youth feature films whose rights are held in majority by Quebec producers
  • A youth feature film is defined as an animated or live-action feature film intended for an audience primarily under the age of 16; SODEC reserves the right to determine the youth-oriented nature of a project
  • These Quebec children's feature films must have received production support from SODEC and must:
  • Have completed at least 75% of their financing structure

  • Be in production or post-production.

  • Only one deposit is authorized per feature film
  • Applicant companies must meet the eligibility criteria of Section 3 of SODEC's Support for Promotion and Dissemination program
  • The applicant company or producer must hold the majority of distribution rights in Quebec or be the producer of the feature film, and must carry out its project in agreement with the other party
  • A first amount corresponding to 70% of the awarded grant will be paid upon signature of the agreement and a second amount corresponding to 30% will be paid after receipt and approval of the closing documents by SODEC
  • The evaluation and selection of projects will be done through comparison and will focus on the following aspects:
  • Quality, originality and relevance of the project

  • The project's feasibility

  • The involvement of relevant partners

  • The project's ability to reach young audiences

  • Its anticipated benefits

  • SODEC gives priority to branding projects for original feature film productions for young people
  • SODEC gives priority to branding projects for feature youth films that have not yet entered the post-production stage
  • Exceptionally, SODEC will authorize applications for projects for which a portion of the expenses have already been incurred
  • These criteria should be considered in addition to those set out in the Project Evaluation section in the introduction of the Support for Promotion and Dissemination program.
  • SODEC's available funds will always be taken into consideration during the decision-making process

Eligible Expenses

  • Project design:
  • Market research and focus groups

  • Search for partnerships

  • Consultation with experts

  • Development of prototypes

  • Adaptation and involvement of pre-existing 3D models

  • Mock-up costs

  • Development of deployment strategies and brand image discoverability

  • Management and coordination

  • Project implementation:
  • Printing costs

  • Graphic design and design costs

  • Illustration costs

  • Writing, review and editing costs

  • Digital programming costs

  • Video and virtual reality design costs

  • Costume and prop costs

  • Rental costs for rooms, booths or public spaces

  • Artist fees

  • Rights clearance

  • Website and social networks

  • Management and coordination

  • All other expenses considered relevant and necessary to the realization of the project
  • SODEC may require that expenses be incurred entirely in Quebec
  • Eligible expenses submitted under this call for projects must be excluded from any application submitted for the same feature film under Section 1.2: Project Support for Market Entry or under Section 3: Support for Special Projects (for films with more than 35 prints)

Supporting Documents

  • Completed SOD@ccès online application form
  • Additional required documents as indicated in the SOD@ccès form
  • Note: The detailed project description, which isrequired as part of your submission, must be signed by the producer and distributor of the feature film to confirm that both parties are in agreement with the submitted project.