Circulation of works within Quebec

Circulation d'oeuvres au Québec



Program Type




Type of Aid

• Grant

Financial Aid



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By supporting the circulation of works, shows and exhibitions within Québec, the program helps generate exposure for the work of Québec artists and curators within the province to extend the lifespan of the works, to facilitate encounters between the public and the works, and to grow audiences.


  • Only individuals who carry out on their own an activity covered are eligible for financial aid.

  • Previous applicants to CALQ programs are automatically eligible for this program.

  • First time applicants must have participated in at least one production independent of or subsequent to education, have produced and disseminated at least one work of art publicly, or have published, at least one book or three texts in a literary genre eligible for the CALQ in a context recognized by peers.

  • Applicants cannot have more than five separate applications and receive a maximum of five grants per CALQ fiscal year, from April 1st to March 31st

  • Applicants cannot have more than three projects being considered, supported or under way at the same time.

  • Eligible projects:
  • Presentation of a work on tour.

  • Presentation of a work or body of work in several regions.

  • Presentation of a work or body of work in a single location or for a single event.

  • Participation in markets, fairs, exhibitions.

  • Public reading.

  • Ineligible projects:
  • Project produced by or with a corporation or a partnership of which the applying artist is a shareholder or partner; project produced by or with a non-profit organization of which the applying artist is an employee.

  • Except for promotional presentations, projects that do not include at least three presentations or require at least a five-night stay away from the artist’s home.

  • A self-presentation project.

  • A project presented solely at schools.

  • A project for participation in a national or international event supported by the CALQ or the SODEC or in a popular celebration.

Eligible Expenses

  • Living expenses (maximum of $125 per day per participant) and travel expenses;
  • Expenses for shipping equipment or works, including insurance;
  • Expenses for equipment rentals;
  • Promotion and publicity expenses not paid by the host organization;
  • Agency expenses;
  • Administration expenses up to 10% of the total cost of the project.

Supporting Documents

  • Completed application form
  • Complete and signed personal information form
  • Description of the project
  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant (maximum of 3 pages)
  • List of participant artists and collaborators and their CV
  • Contract or letter of commitment (confirmation of at least one venue recognized for presenting works)
  • Estimate for shipping works or equipment, if applicable
  • Technical description of works and shipping method, if applicable
  • Press file
  • Information on the structure of the host organization