Exploration and Research

Exploration et recherche



Program Type




Type of Aid

• Grant

Financial Aid

100%, up to $25,000


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By financially supporting the risk inherent in the research process, this program seeks to promote innovation in art and the exploration of new avenues that contribute to the development of disciplines. It also supports stages of research and experimentation prior to the creation of a work, an exhibition or a publication.


  • Eligibility criteria:
  • Development of new ideas.

  • Experimentation with partners.

  • Exploration of other artistic practices.

  • Research or exploration residency.

  • Research period.

  • Experimentation project.

  • Creation of a prototype.

  • Technical or technological experimentation.

  • Public experimentation workshops.

  • Start of creation projects.

  • Preparatory research for a script.

  • Not eligible:
  • Projects to create, produce or present a work.

  • Didactic or pedagogical projects.

  • Essays on the arts and literature; however, these projects are eligible for the Creation component.

  • Writing a script: eligible for the Creation section.

Eligible Expenses

  • Candidate’s remuneration.

  • Research and experimentation expenses.

  • Fees for participating artists and partners, excluding the applicant.

  • Expenses to rent a studio or workshop, purchase supplies and rent equipment.

  • Expenses for a research and exploration residency.

  • Costs for photos and rehearsal videos that document the process.

  • Travel and living expenses justified for the project: maximum of $125 per day in Canada and $200 per day outside Canada.

Supporting Documents