Inuit and First Nations Arts - Microgrants

Arts autochtones - Microburse



Program Type




Type of Aid

• Grant

Financial Aid

100%, up to $3,000


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This program aims to support the Inuit and First Nations arts community in Québec in its quest for reappropriation, reconstruction and development, contributing to the knowledge, recognition and promotion of Inuit and First Nations artists and the Inuit and First Nations arts. It fosters the reappropriation and transmission of traditional knowledge, languages and arts and facilitates the early career and professional development of Inuit and First Nations artists.


  • Applicants must
  • Be Inuit or a member of one of Canada’s First Nations.

  • Be continuously engaged in their artistic practice, whether traditional, customary, contemporary or a mixture thereof.

  • In addition, candidates must meet any of the following criteria:
  • Have participated in at least one production outside of their training period and disseminated in a peer-recognized context.

  • Have produced and disseminated at least one artwork publicly in a peer-recognized place and/or context outside of their training period.

  • If they do not meet the above criteria, up-and-coming artists must demonstrate that they have received recognition from their peers, elders or community, as certified by a letter.

  • Be a Canadian citizen, customarily reside in Québec and have resided in Québec for the past 12 months.

  • Candidates residing outside Québec for two years or more are no longer eligible for the program, unless they have retained their Québec resident status. In that case, candidates are responsible for demonstrating their eligibility by confirming their membership in the provincial health insurance plan (RAMQ).

  • Not eligible:
  • Candidates who fail to submit a grant report for more than three months following project completion.

  • Legally incorporated groups.

  • Projects completed as part of a program of studies leading to the granting of a diploma.

  • Projects that have already been rejected by the Conseil.

  • Incomplete applications.

Eligible Expenses

  • Candidate’s remuneration.
  • Fees for participant artists (excluding the artist applicant).
  • Expenses relating to information transmission and sponsorship.
  • Cost of materials.
  • Cost of renting studios, halls or equipment.
  • Registration and internship fees.
  • Cost of transporting artworks or equipment.
  • Travel and living expenses (accommodation and per diems).
  • Promotional expenses.
  • Other expenses relating to carrying out the project. These must be detailed in the budget.

Supporting Documents