Strategic Opportunities and Career Planning

Opportunities stratégiques et plan de carrière



Program Type

Profesional Development



Type of Aid

• Grant

Financial Aid

100%, up to $100,000


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To encourage career planning and development and to foster the exploitation of their work, this program offers artists flexible financial aid to support atypical projects that may include a number of activities and take place over a long period. Adaptable to a range of situations, the assistance can help artists seize decisive professional opportunities, carry out longer term projects or conduct a number of activities in parallel or sequentially that contribute to career advancement and the recognition of the artist’s work.


  • Only individuals who carry out on their own an activity covered are eligible for financial aid.

  • Previous applicants to CALQ programs are automatically eligible for this program.

  • First time applicants must have participated in at least one production independent of or subsequent to education, have produced and disseminated at least one work of art publicly, or have published, at least one book or three texts in a literary genre eligible for the CALQ in a context recognized by peers.

  • Applicants cannot have more than five separate applications and receive a maximum of five grants per CALQ fiscal year, from April 1st to March 31st

  • Applicants cannot have more than three projects being considered, supported or under way at the same time.

  • Eligible projects:
  • Projects responding to a prompt need.

  • A series of activities over a long period.

  • Major artistic projects that require long-term planning.

  • Access to professional and consulting services for a determined period.

  • Support for coordinating and producing a set of related long-term projects.

Eligible Expenses

  • Candidate’s remuneration.
  • Fees for participating artists and partners, excluding the applicant.
  • Research expenses.
  • Development expenses, such as renting a studio or workshop, purchasing supplies and renting equipment.
  • Production expenses for the works.
  • Presentation expenses for the works.
  • Promotional expenses related to the project.
  • Travel and living expenses directly related to the project: maximum of $125 per day per participant in Canada and $200 per day per participant outside Canada.
  • Professional or contractual fees, such as for consultants, technicians or other specialists contributing expertise to the project.
  • Administration expenses (maximum of 10% of the total cost).
  • Programs eligible for other program components.

Supporting Documents

  • Application form Part 1 - Project Description
  • Application form Part 1 - Personal Information
  • Application form Part 2 - Budget and Schedule
  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant (maximum of 3 pages)
  • List of participant artists and collaborators and their CV
  • Contract, confirmation or letter of intent of partners (document provided by the specialist, independent curator or partner organization confirming their contribution to the project)
  • Letter of agreement, if applicable
  • Press file