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Aide à l’édition musicale



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Financial Aid



This program supports the Quebec music recording industry by promoting the career development of songwriters through the creation and promotion of Quebec musical works.


  • Applicants must be a legally incorporated music company that has been active for at least two years
  • Have its head office and principal place of business in Quebec, and demonstrate that the control of the company is held by Canadian citizens or permanent residents who have their tax residence in Quebec.
  • Applicants must have achieved revenues of at least $50,000 during at least one of the two accounting periods preceding the application
  • Applicants must also respond to at least one of the following criteria:
  • The company must have three different Quebec songwriters under exclusive contract, excluding the company's shareholder artists, and at least one of them must be the last two fiscal years

  • The company must own or control the rights of an active catalog of Quebec musical works, including 10 new works during the last fiscal year. A company that meets this criteria qualifies only for the activities of promotion or marketing and management or administration

Eligible Expenses

  • Career development of songwriters :
  • Payment of fees and advances to Quebec songwriters (advances are limited to $5,000)

  • Professional fees paid to Quebecers (e.g., fees for co-writing workshops, co-writing residencies, training)

  • Costs of creation residencies or co-writing workshops in Quebec (e.g., equipment rental, rooms)

  • Training or development costs in Quebec (e.g., participation of Quebec songwriters in writing events)

  • Costs of recording audio demos (e.g., studio rentals, musicians, post-production engineers, technicians, directors)

  • Salaries and benefits related to career development activities (limited to $10,000)

  • Promotion and marketing of works:
  • Expenditures related to the placement of Quebec works (e.g., synchronization activities)

  • Promotion of Quebec musical works (e.g., promotional material, advertising and press relations, press photos)

  • Discoverability activities (e.g., digital promotion, web page indexing optimization, metadata structuring and referencing)

  • Publisher investment in songwriter tours in Quebec

  • Registration fees for fairs, conventions, conferences and other professional events (e.g., showcases) in Quebec

  • Salaries and benefits related to the promotion of works (limited to $10,000)

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