Call for Projects to Promote Quebec Culture - Section 1: Development and Implementation of Collective Promotion Strategies

Appel de projets pour le rayonnement de la culture québécoise - Volet 1: Dévoilement et déploiement de stratégies de promotion collectives


Ministère de la Culture et des Communications

Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

80%, up to $1,000,000


This program acts as an incentive, by means of financial assistance, to carry out projects of planning and concerted action which aim to promote Quebec culture. With these initiatives rooted in visibility, recognition, and enhancement, it is expected that the consumption of works, content, and cultural products from Quebec will grow across the entire province. By supporting a strengthening of revenue and stimulation of Quebec’s economy, the program seeks to promote a strong Québécois identity, which contributes to the personal and collective growth of the population.

The section 1 aims enhance the visibility of the works of art, content, and cultural products of Quebec, as well as the artists and artisans who produce them and augment the consumption of the works of art, content, and cultural products of Quebec across the province.


  • Projects must:
  • Contribute fully and completely to the objectives of this program

  • Contribute to one or several of the areas of focus of the Ministère, of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, of the Société de développement des entreprises culturelles, or of Bibliothèques and Archives nationales du Québec

  • Be of a collective nature, meaning that it emphasizes consultation, mutualization, and partnerships between several actors from one or several sectors and/or territories

  • Be supported by one or several partners who show that they can complete the project in its entirety while respecting the budget as proposed

  • Not eligible:
  • Projects dealing with the day-to-day operations of an organization, meaning activities considered normal and usual

  • Recurring projects

  • Projects to buy a company

  • Projects aimed solely at developing transactional platforms or websites

Eligible Expenses

  • Those directly related to completing the project described in the application, including workforce and employee benefits
  • Outsourcing expenses (for example, an ad agency);
  • Fees and royalties
  • Expenses incurred for consultants or outside experts who are recognized in their domains
  • Travel expenses, which must respect the norms used by the Quebec public service
  • The portion of taxes that have not been reimbursed (for a not-for-profit organization);
  • Expenses related to rental equipment or facilities;
  • Expenses related to purchasing material or equipment
  • Fees related to communication, marketing, and media placement
  • Survey fees (a study after an ad campaign)
  • Administrative fees, up to 5% of the total eligible expenses outlined above
  • Contingency fees, up to 10% of the total eligible expenses outlined above.

Supporting Documents

  • Completed application form
  • Description of the project incuding its context and reason, a description of the applicant’s needs, the relevance and coherence of the project in light of the applicant’s mission and its objectives and targets
  • The means of communication being proposed (including a media plan if applicable)
  • A timeframe for completion
  • Detailed budget
  • A data-use plan, if applicable
  • A presentation of the team that will work on the project, highlighting its members’ experience and skills (include team members’ resumes)
  • An organizational chart of the project with each team member’s responsibilities
  • The presentation of partners associated with the project and the description of their projected contributions, as well as letters of commitment confirming their participation (financial or in kind)
  • The applicant must also include the following information:
  • Its most recent financial statements approved and signed by the board members

  • A resolution adopted by the appropriate authorities concerning the application for financial assistance and the representative chosen

  • A chart of its organizational structure and those of other companies related to this one, if applicable

  • Its latest activity report

  • An updated list of the members of its board of directors and of the members of the board of directors of its controlled or related entities, if applicable

  • An attestation from the secretary or the president confirming: names of the shareholders and the details of their share ownership (number of shares with right to vote and percentage with voting rights), their citizenship, and if they are residents of Quebec; board members’ names, citizenship and place of fiscal residence

  • Its Quebec enterprise number