Arts and Literature in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean Region - Territorial Partnership - Mobility

Arts et lettres du Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean - Partenariat Territorial - Mobilité



Program Type




Type of Aid

• Grant

Financial Aid

80%, up to $20,000


COVID specifications: Please refer to this document.

The program encourages the circulation of artists and artistic and literary works within an RCM or on other regional municipality territories under the framework of a creation or resourcing project.


  • Applicants:
  • Must reside in an RCM or a municipality targeted by the program.

  • Have participated in at least one production outside of his training, in a context recognized by his peers.

  • Have produced and disseminated at least one work of art publicly in a place and/or context recognized by his peers outside of his training.

  • Cannot have more than five separate applications and receive a maximum of five grants per CALQ fiscal year, from April 1st to March 31st

  • Cannot have more than three projects being considered, supported or under way at the same time.

  • Must include insurance costs for the duration of the trip during Covid-19.

  • Not eligible:
  • Staff members of partner organizations for this program.

  • A project submitted to obtain funding for a legally constituted group.

  • A project already carried out by the application deadline.

  • A project which was already rejected by the Conseil.

Eligible Expenses

  • Creation expenses, attributable to the artist applicant.
  • Research expenses.
  • Expert’s fees, including honoraria.
  • Fees for participant artists and collaborators (excluding the artist applicant).
  • Production expenses such as workshop rental, expenditures for materials, equipment rental.
  • Transportation expenses.
  • Travel-related expenses.
  • Living expenses (hotel and meals).
  • Promotion expenses.
  • Ineligible expenses: fees above and beyond artistic production expenses, operating expenses of the organizations that participate in the project, organization’s infrastructure (office rental, installation of a telephone, etc), capital costs and renovation and construction costs and training.

Supporting Documents

  • Completed application form with a description of the project
  • Personal Information form
  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant (maximum of 3 pages)
  • List of participant artists and collaborators and their CV
  • Contract, confirmation or letter of intent from partners
  • Press kit