Dissemination of Works in Quebec

Diffusion d'œuvres au Québec



Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

75%, no maximum


This program encourages the presentation of literature and storytelling through touring with the goal of bringing literary works to a wider audience and supporting their outreach in Quebec. It also supports reader and audience development and awareness initiatives in all regions of Quebec, as well as literary and storytelling activities presented in majority by writers, storytellers and specialists in the discipline.


  • Applications must be submitted at least three months prior to the start of the project
  • Organizations receiving CALQ’s operating funding cannot submit a new application in any program if their fiscal year has been over for four months or longer and a report on the use of the grant, including financial statements, has yet to be received and approved by CALQ
  • Regardless of the program or section, an application cannot be made if a funded project has been completed for three months or longer and a report on the use of the grant has yet to be received and approved by CALQ
  • Maximum of eight concurrent projects with CALQ per year
  • An applicant cannot present a project that has already been reviewed and rejected in the same fiscal year unless it has been significantly altered
  • The majority of an organization’s programming must be recognized as professional
  • Book fairs, public and school libraries, library management organizations, book stores, and publishers are ineligible
  • Events, projects, or tours cannot already be receiving funding from another CALQ program or from SODEC
  • Applicant organization must use professional writers, artists or storytellers, or recognized practitioners in the discipline
  • Applications must be accompanied by confirmation of at least three performances or activities to be eligible
  • Eligible projects must involve the dissemination of works by writers and storytellers in Quebec
  • Activities must be part of a partnership project

Eligible Expenses

  • Fees for writers, storytellers and artists
  • Promotion costs if not already covered by host organization
  • Transportation and accommodation costs (maximum $125 per day)
  • Equipment rental, if necessary
  • Administrative costs related to touring

Supporting Documents

  • Completed CALQ application form
  • Copies of the organization’s general regulations
  • List of board members
  • Letter of commitment from partners
  • Contracts with writers, storytellers, and professional artists
  • Press kit
  • Curriculum vitae of promoters and participants
  • Curriculum vitae of writers, storytellers, and professional artists
  • Supporting audiovisual materials