Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

75%, no maximum


This program supports activities related to audience awareness, promotion, and dissemination of works in order to advance knowledge in the fields of visual arts, arts and crafts, architectural research, digital arts and Film and videos. Eligible projects must involve the publication of works produced on printed or electronic materials, with the goal of documenting and disseminating an artist’s work.


  • Eligible projects involve the publication of works, both electronically and on printed materials, with the goal of documenting and disseminating the work on an artist, a collective of artists, or an event from Quebec; these works aim to raise public awareness and can take the form of exhibition catalogues, monographs, or conference proceedings
  • Printed publications must also be accessible to the public in electronic format
  • Submitted projects must include promotion strategies, a distribution plan, bids from tenderers (printers, translators, graphic designers, etc.), as well as excerpts of published texts from featured writers
  • Projects can only pertain to living artists and must contribute to the outreach of Quebec artists
  • Collaborators must submit a letter of intent or commitment to the project
  • Applications must be submitted at least three months prior to the start of the project
  • Organizations receiving CALQ’s operating funding cannot submit a new application in any program if their fiscal year has been over for four months or longer and a report on the use of the grant, including financial statements, has yet to be received and approved by CALQ
  • Regardless of the program or section, an application cannot be made if a funded project has been completed for three months or longer and a report on the use of the grant has yet to be received and approved by CALQ
  • Maximum of eight concurrent projects with CALQ per year
  • An applicant cannot present a project that has already been reviewed and rejected in the same fiscal year unless it has been significantly altered
  • Organizations funded by SODEC or the Ministry of Culture and Communications are ineligible
  • Funding cannot be used for advertising publications
  • Funding cannot be used for publishers or self-publishing

Eligible Expenses

  • Fees and royalties (exhibition, reproduction, publication, etc.)
  • Promotion and distribution costs directly related to the project
  • Costs associated with graphic design and the production of printed or electronic publications
  • Certain professional or contractual honoraria for consultants or any other specialist providing expertise to the project

Supporting Documents

  • Completed CALQ application form
  • Copies of the organization’s letters patent and general regulations
  • List of board members
  • Copies of documents outlining the transaction terms between related parties (if applicable)
  • Copies of signed contracts with artists, participants, etc.
  • Curriculum vitae of artists and participants
  • Annual programming of the applicant organization or partner
  • Press kit
  • Supporting audiovisual materials