Workforce Training Measure

Mesure de formation de la main-d'œuvre



Program Type

Human resources



Type of Aid


Financial Aid



This program supports the development of skills for persons at risk of losing their job and also maintains expertise in organizations. Financial aid can be obtained for:

Defining training needs

Carrying out a training project

Evaluating the efficiency of the training received


  • Applicant organizations must demonstrate that their training activity:
  • Keeps people in employment

  • Improves the performance of their employees

  • Is transferable to other staff members so as to increase mobility within the organization

  • The following training activities are eligible:
  • Francization

  • Languages other than French

  • Literacy

  • General training (prior to professional or technical training) and basic training

  • Professional and technical training

  • Generic skills training

  • Training for instructors

  • Training offered outside of Quebec

  • Management training

  • Training for new technology or equipment

Eligible Expenses

  • Analysis of training requirements
  • Skills assessment
  • Development and adaptation of training materials
  • Purchase of training program
  • Development, adaptation, and purchase of teaching and learning materials
  • Evaluation tools
  • Instructor salaries
  • Indirect instructor costs (travel, meals, accommodation, etc.)
  • Salaries for employees in training, under certain conditions
  • Indirect costs for employees in training (travel, means, accommodation, etc.)
  • Costs related to management and administrative activities (banking fees, equipment, supplies necessary for carrying out activities, etc.) assumed by a delegated organization or a group of companies in order to carry out the project (up to 10% of eligible expenses)
  • Accommodations for persons with a disability

Supporting Documents

  • Applicants must contact Emploi-Québec through their local Employment Centre to apply
  • Applicant organizations must also provide a detailed training plan and demonstrate, to Emploi-Québec’s satisfaction, how a training program will keep the participating staff members in employment; the plan must include:
  • The position(s) and employee(s) involved in the training program
  • Training objectivities and activities
  • The duration of training, in hours and days
  • A schedule of training activities
  • The educational institution, or the internal or external instructor
  • Educational support
  • Training costs
  • The training certificate to be presented to employees
  • Follow-up and evaluation on the training program