Program Type




Type of Aid

Direct loan, Convertible loan, Bridge financing, Share capital, Other types of financing

Financial Aid

Up to $500,000


Filaction primarily finances the development and growth of businesses. It is also available for projects pertaining to consolidation, succession, mergers or acquisition, as well as for employees’ acquisition of a stake in the context of a cooperative of employee shareholders.


  • Applicants must demonstrate:
  • Quality, experience, expertise and consistency between sponsors, the management team, as well as directors if applicable

  • Financial viability

  • The organization’s integration within its field and its partnerships

  • A track record of social, economic and financial quality as well as projected future successes

  • This program primarily finances the development or growth of organizations but can also apply to projects for consolidation, succession, mergers or acquisitions, as well as for workers acquiring a stake in the organization in the case of cooperatives of employee shareholders

Eligible Expenses

  • Costs related to operations

Supporting Documents

  • Goal of the application and requested amount
  • Applicants financial package
  • Presentation of the application’s sponsor and the organization’s team
  • Management or governance procedures, including the make-up of governing bodies and general rules
  • Presentation of the applicant organization:
  • Its mission and place within its field

  • Its products or services, clients or customers, and markets

  • Financial statements from the previous three years

  • Financial projections for the current and two forthcoming accounting periods

  • Major contracts

  • Clients, providers, administrators, employees