Culture and Inclusion

Culture et inclusion


Ministère de la Culture et des Communications

Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

75%, up to $35,000



This program seeks to increase the availability of activities, services, and goods that can significantly contribute to achieving the objectives of the Ministry of Culture and Communications with respect to the strengthening and development of culture and public relations. The goal of this program is to support the fulfillment of cultural projects benefitting low-income persons or persons at risk of exclusion.


  • The program is open to organizations from all administrative regions except for those within the territory of the city of Montreal; national organizations located in Montreal may apply if the scope of their project extends beyond the territory of the city of Montreal
  • Funding will be dispersed with priority given to low-income applicants or those at risk of social exclusion from targeted groups such as First Nations and Inuit, senior citizens, young people, sexual minorities, ethnocultural minorities, and recent immigrants, as well as people with disabilities
  • Organizations that function as a public authority are ineligible with the exception of public libraries
  • Eligible projects must:
  • Include cultural mediation or cultural recreation activities

  • Take place in Quebec

  • Have a sustainable development perspective

  • Eligible cultural organizations must submit projects that:
  • Will be carried out in partnership with an organizations that offers services directly to the persons targeted (an exception may be granted to applicants that possess solid expertise in social intervention)

  • Eligible community organizations must:
  • Be headquartered in or have their principal location in Quebec

  • Have a mission and principal activities that fall within the field of community action (with the exception of community media organizations, which are ineligible)

  • Submit a project that will be carried out in partnership with a cultural organization or a professional cultural resource (an exception may be granted to applicants that possess solid expertise in the field of culture)

Eligible Expenses

  • Labour costs (employee benefits included)
  • Equipment and location rental costs
  • Costs related to the purchase of perishable and non-reusable materials
  • Study and consulting fees
  • Travel costs
  • Use of paratransit and public transportation for the project is encouraged with respect to local and regional circumstances
  • Others costs associated with the completion of the project, which must be explained
  • Administrative costs (up to 5% of total eligible expenses)
  • Contingency and unforeseen costs (up to 5% of total eligible expenses)

Supporting Documents

  • A description of the project indicating:
  • Its objectives, activities and its follow-up and results indicators

  • Its consistency with the objectives of the program and the organization’s mandate

  • Targeted persons

  • Expected results and desired benefits

  • A presentation of the team expected to carry out the project, demonstrating its experience, expertise and skills, and if applicable, its familiarity with the characteristics and needs of the persons targeted
  • A list of partners associated with the project, demonstrating their expertise and a providing a description of the contributions they intend to make to the project (contributions of goods and services must be accounted, estimated according to their market value)
  • A detailed budget for the project
  • A project implementation schedule
  • The most recent financial statements of the applicant organization
  • The motion adopted by the relevant authorities within the applicant organization authorizing the creation of an application for financial aid
  • Any other relevant information in support of the application