Culture-Education: Cultural Workshop Project

Culture-éducation : Ateliers culturels à l'école


Ministère de l'Éducation et de l'Enseignement supérieur

Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

100% (75% for private schools)


This program encourages diversity in the cultural projects offered to students throughout their education. Professional artists, writers, and cultural organizations are invited to share their creativity with students by presenting various artworks and by having students discover occupations related to the arts and culture in an active, participatory manner.


  • The assessment of project proposals must take into account the following factors:
  • Effective collaboration between teachers and cultural resources

  • Recruitment of the highest possible number of students and their active participation throughout the project

  • Appropriateness of the project’s preparation and transfer-of-learning activities

  • Connections with the Quebec Education Program

  • Diversity of funding sources

  • Projects must:
  • Present the steps related to their preparation, implementation and transfer-of-learning phases

  • Consist of a maximum of three workshops with the same cultural resource and the same group of students

  • Be the result of collaboration between a teacher, a group of teachers, a school or a school board, and a cultural resource

  • Be presented by a school, a group of schools, or a school board

  • Involve the active participation of the teacher and students in their preparation and implementation phases and in the subsequent transfer-of-learning phase

  • Enlist the participation of a cultural resource registered in the Répertoire culture-éducation

  • Involve financial contributions from various partners

  • Comply with health and safety rules in effect at the school or school board

  • If the workshop takes place by videoconference, the following additional conditions apply:
  • The reasons why the workshop cannot be held in an actual face-to-face meeting with the cultural resource person must be given on the project submission form.

  • The cultural resource person, who must be registered in the Répertoire culture-éducation, must be able to offer a workshop by video under optimum conditions.

Eligible Expenses

  • Professional fees associated with hosting an artist, a writer, or a representative of a cultural organization at the school
  • If applicable, costs incurred in preparing workshops, transportation costs, living allowances, and expenses for specialized materials and equipment (the costs of purchasing perishable or non-reusable materials or the renting of equipment for which the cultural resources are responsible, is covered to a maximum of $100 per day that the artist, writer, or cultural organization is present)
  • Cost of perishable or non-reusable materials or the rental of equipment for which the school is responsible (up to $500 per day that the cultural resource is present)
  • Cost of books if required for writers' workshops (if not already available) up to $400 per day that the cultural resource is present
  • Costs related to school secretarial and support staff required for the organization of the workshops (up to 15% of eligible expenses)
  • The cost of stationery, printing and photocopying (up to 15% of eligible expenses)
  • The cost of providing substitute teachers to allow the teachers concerned to participate in the various phases of the projects (up to 15% of eligible expenses)

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