Operations Assistance for Arts Training Organizations – Section 2: Disciplines Where Learning Takes Place Outside of a Recognized Training Stream

Aide au fonctionnement pour les organismes de formation en art – Volet 2 : Disciplines dont l’apprentissage s’effectue en dehors d’une filière de formation reconnue


Ministère de la Culture et des Communications

Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

75%, up to $60,000 or $1,000,000 depending on the application


This program seeks to support training and increase cultural vitality and innovation in targeted disciplines. It serves to maintain or improve the services offered to graduates and active professionals as well as increase the number of partnerships in relevants disciplines or territories.


  • Applicants are assessed according to the following:
  • The financial situation of the organization and the diversification of its funding sources

  • The organization’s resource management and its structure with regard to its activities and the division of responsibilities

  • The interaction between the organization and its field as well as within its main area of focus

  • The nature and quality of the training offered, in combination with the qualifications, skills, and professional background of its teachers

  • The quality of the facilities and equipment

  • The organization’s integration in an established training stream, depending on its discipline (schools only)

  • The proposed activities in support of students’ progress through the training stream or, where necessary, the activities to support professional integration of graduates and the continued training of active professionals

  • The organization’s contribution to the vitality of both culture and its discipline, particularly regarding innovation and renewal

  • Applications in the field of music are limited to popular music only

Eligible Expenses

  • Costs associated with salaries and benefits for teaching, support, and administrative staff directly necessary for the functioning of the organization
  • Costs associated with related activities (housing, library, cafeteria, performances, exhibitions and crafts fairs)
  • Equipment and location rental costs
  • Costs for material and equipment purchases
  • Fees related to studies and consulting undertaken for the fulfillment of the organization’s mission
  • Subcontracting fees
  • Promotion fees
  • Travel fees
  • Administrative costs

Supporting Documents

  • Recent activity report
  • Description of organizational structure
  • Sustainable development form
  • Status report
  • Most recent financial statements
  • Action plan
  • Policy concerning harassment
  • Information on board members, administrative and support staff, and teaching staff
  • Motion approving the application and the authorized representative