Support for Fixed Assets – Maintenance and Improvement of Equipment and Cultural Infrastructures – Section 2.1: Personal Property

Aide aux immobilisations – Maintien et bonification des équipements et des infrastructures culturelles – Volet 2.1 : Intervention visant un bien meuble


Ministère de la Culture et des Communications

Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid



This section of the program concerns the acquisition, repair, replacement, and installation of furnishings or specialized equipment and does not include any work performed on a building.


  • Applicants must hold the property rights, an offer to buy, a lease, or an occupancy agreement for the property in question
  • Eligible cultural infrastructures include:
  • Libraries

  • Archives

  • Museums, exhibition centres, or performance spaces

  • Centres for training, production, or presentation of the visual arts, media arts, performing arts, literary arts, or arts and crafts (see documentation for additional criteria)

  • Indigenous radio and community media

  • Indigenous cultural centres

  • Multipurpose centres combining several of the preceding functions

  • Eligible projects must entail the acquisition, renovation, or installation of furnishings or specialized equipment

Eligible Expenses

  • Costs related to the acquisition, renovation, and installation of specialized furnishings or equipment
  • Costs related to the acquisition and installation of furnishings and equipment to provide universe accessibility
  • Costs related to the acquisition and installation of a fire protection and suppression system
  • Professional fees
  • Costs related to financing the project, in cases where funding is provided in the form of debt reimbursement

Supporting Documents

  • A presentation of the applicant’s needs that the project will meet
  • A precise description of the type of project and the type of specialized equipment or furnishings required, accompanied by quotes
  • Budget
  • A resolution from the board of directors committing to assume any increase in budget generated by the project