Metropolitan Initiative and Outreach Fund

Fonds d'initiative et de rayonnement de la métropole (FIRM)


Ministère des Affaires municipales et Habitation

Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

50% (20% for a private for-profit company) up to $500,000


This program stimulates economic, cultural, and social activity in the metropolitan region, and contributes to its national and international standing. The fund’s goals include:

Reinforcing economic competitiveness through the development and strengthening of strategic sectors

Supporting the improvement of citizens’ conditions and living environment as well as the fight against poverty and social exclusion in the metropolitan region

Contributing to the appeal and standing of the region nationally and internationally through the promotion of its culture and strategic sectors as well as through the development of major initiatives and events

This program is divided into two sections:

Section 1: Support for Major Economic and Cultural Development Projects and Events in the Metropolitan Region

This section of the program aims to consolidate and develop major projects for the Government of Quebec, the Montreal Metropolitan Community and the City of Montreal by:

Supporting festivals and major cultural, sports and business events taking place throughout the year

Supporting the secretariats of industrial clusters

Support for major projects

Section 2: Support for Projects to Address Specific Issues in the Metropolitan Region

Through themed calls for projects, this component of the program aims to support initiatives in economic, cultural, environmental and social fields that improve the quality of life of the citizens of Montreal and metropolitan region. The specific issues relate to the priorities established by the regions that make up the Montreal metropolitan region as part of the Government Strategy to Ensure the Occupation and Vitality of Territories 2018 2022 (OVT) and which complement the actions of government departments and agencies to maximize their leverage effect.

Upcoming deadlines can be found on here.


  • The applicant organization must be:
  • Established in Quebec

  • Governed by a board of directors, the majority of whom are domiciled in Quebec

  • Projects must be in line with the stated goals and priorities of the fund
  • Projects must be carried out on the metropolitan community’s territory or have their primary impact on the territory
  • Infrastructure projects are ineligible, including studies and blueprints related to the completion of these types of projects; feasibility and business plans to develop a non-governmental infrastructure, collective or social in nature, remain eligible
  • Projects relating to retailers, wholesale business, accommodation, and the restaurant industry are ineligible; however, these commercial projects can be eligible if presented by a not-for-profit legal entity or a cooperative, and if they respond to an unmet market segment and are in line with the goals and priorities of the fund
  • Fairs and tradeshows are ineligible

Eligible Expenses

  • Operating costs directly associated with the completion of the project (salaries, rent, acquisition of material and equipment, accountability)
  • Communication and promotion costs related to the project (design and production of Internet and publicity tools, fees associated with publication and press relations, other fees related to market entry in and outside of Quebec)
  • The cost of completing business plans, evaluations, and studies (salaries and professional fees) related to the development of the project
  • Travel expenses (the eligible amount can be revised if deemed excessive)
  • For projects such as business conferences and events promoting a sector of activity or the development of business tourism, only communication and promotion costs and the cost of undertaking plans and studies are eligible

Supporting Documents

  • Completed application form
  • A one-page project summary
  • For Section 1 only, a document indicating the project's impact on the competitiveness, attractiveness and influence of the metropolitan region and justifying the need and relevance of using the Fund
  • For Section 2 only, a document indicating the consistency between the project's outcomes and the objectives of the current call for projects
  • A project implementation plan including a description of goals, tangible expected results and activities to be put in place to complete the project, as well as the project’s location and implementation schedule
  • The project’s financial package (see Section 5 of application form)
  • A copy of the organization’s incorporation status
  • A list of current board members
  • The curriculum vitae of the primary director or project manager
  • The organization’s most recent financial statements and annual reports
  • A resolution from the organization’s directors authorizing a representative to submit an application and sign the necessary documents and, if applicable, the Memorandum of Understanding between the proponent and the Metropolitan Area Secretariat
  • Projected actions relating to sustainable development (see Section 5 of application form)
  • Any other documents deemed relevant by the organization and in support of the project
  • If the application is for an event, the following documents must be included:
  • Preliminary programming

  • The project’s communication plan

  • A press review of the previous edition of the event, if applicable

  • Results of customer origin and attendance studies, if applicable