Donations and Sponsorships

Dons et commandites



Program Type

Project, Dissemination



Type of Aid

Product donation

Financial Aid



Each year the SAQ encourages Quebec artists and creators working in major cultural institutions by donating products as part of its benefit activities.


  • Applications should be sent no later than December 1 of the fiscal year preceding an event
  • Applicant organizations must:
  • Hold an event or project on Quebec territory for Quebec customers of majority age

  • Represent a group of individuals rather a single person (except in the sommellerie field)

  • Have an official status and registration number as a not-for-profit or public organization

  • Demonstrate sound management

  • The board of directors must be mostly composed of independent members
  • Applicant organizations and events cannot be associated with a religious or political cause
  • Events and organizations benefitting from sponsorships must:
  • Serve one or more target clients of the SAQ

  • Grant the SAQ significant visibility in accordance with an exchange plan whose value is at least equivalent to the SAQ's contribution

  • Allow the SAQ to promote all of its products and services

  • Respect the SAQ’s “fair price” promise

  • Events must:
  • Have a significant outreach, at least on a regional level and with a critical mass of people

  • Allow the SAQ to leverage its association with the event

  • Encourage eco-friendly practices

  • Provide a visibility report to the SAQ after the event

  • Demonstrate that the Quebec government, its ministries, and its organizations are not overrepresented among sponsors

  • The SAQ prioritizes cultural organizations in the following sectors:
  • Museums included in the list of the Société des musées du Québec

  • Operas

  • Symphony orchestras

  • Public theatre or dance venues

  • Professional theatre or dance troupes with a provincial or international standing

Eligible Expenses

  • Not applicable

Supporting Documents

  • Completed online application form; verified annual financial statements or other supporting documents may be requested