Regional Activities Support Program

Programme d’appui aux actions régionale (PAAR)


Secrétariat à la Capitale-Nationale

Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

80% for projects pertaining to studies, 75% for studies pertaining to the Greater Quebec City area, 30% for all other projects


This program aim to support projects that encourage the vitality of communities, and the appeal and standing of the Capitale-Nationale region. The program is divided into three sections:

Section 1: Supporting cultural, tourist or sporting events

Cultural, tourist or sporting events of a national or international calibre

Projects for national and international summits and seminars

Section 2: Empowering territories and promoting the vitality of communities from the perspective of sustainable development

Projects contributing to the improvement of facilities and equipment prioritized by municipal partners

Section 3: Identifying and responding to issues in the Capitale-Nationale region

Projects describing and documenting a local issue

Projects responding to current or emerging issues

Projects arising from a sectoral development agreement


  • To be eligible, projects must take place in the Capitale-Nationale region or generate its primary impact on the region
  • Financial aid cannot be used to cover expenses incurred prior to the submission of an application or to finance a project that has already been completed
  • Financial aid cannot be used for debt financing or loan repayment
  • Eligible projects can include:
  • Customer provenance and attendance studies

  • Economic impact studies to evaluate a project’s impact

  • Opportunity studies

  • Technical and financial feasibility studies

  • The development of indicators to measure a particular sector of activity

  • Projects cannot contradict government policies

Eligible Expenses

  • The acquisition of physical goods such as equipment and rolling stock, its modernization and adaptation for the purposes of the project
  • Administrative costs directly related to the project
  • Costs related to event programming
  • Costs related to promotion and marketing
  • Costs related to the management of a site and facilities
  • Fees for professional services where the rate is less than $150 per hour

Supporting Documents

  • Completed application form
  • A detailed financing plan, including:
  • Self-generated income

  • Government funding

  • Private contributions (cash, goods and services, etc.)

  • A detailed spending plan for the project
  • Explanations of the steps taken and yet to be undertaken with other donors, as well as the results obtained in order to complete the financial arrangement
  • The organization’s verified financial statements for the previous completed fiscal year, where its statutes and rules provide for its production
  • If available, the most recent attendance and economy impact studies
  • Any other document deemed relevant and in support of the project