Accessibility for Small Establishments

Petits établissements accessibles


Société d'habitation du Québec

Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

75%, up to $15,000


This program aims to improve the accessibility of small establishments for disabled people and persons with limited mobility. The program is divdided into three sections:

Section 1: Access to the establishment (e.g. adding an access ramp, a parking space reserved for persons with limited mobility, etc.)

Section 2: Barrier-free route inside the establishment for access to services and restrooms (e.g. standardization of floor levels, installation of an access ramp, widening doors, adding automatic doors, etc.)

Section 3: Use of restrooms reserved for customers or attendees (e.g. reconfiguration to allow adequate space to maneuver, installation of grab bars or hand rails, lowering the light switch, etc.)


  • Applicants renting a building must have the owner’s consent
  • Eligible buildings include:
  • Places of business offering a service on site and located in a building of no more than two stories

  • Commercial establishments having a total floor surface area of at most 300 square metres

  • Meeting establishments that hold at most nine people

  • Other meeting establishments are eligible if they have no barrier-free access and are in one of the following situations:
  • Accepts between 10 and 60 people

  • Maximum floor surface area of 250 square metres

  • Its floor space cannot be accessed by external ramp from a public road using a ramp without the ramp encroaching upon that road

  • Its floor space is situated more than 900 mm from the level of the public road

  • Its floor space is situated more than 600 mm from the level of the accessible entrance

  • The difference in level between the pedestrian entrance and the floor of the elevator is more than 600 mm

  • Eligible construction must:
  • Be permanent in nature and be made on elements that are permanently fixed to the building

  • Respect the accessibility requirements of the construction code

  • Represent a simple and economical solution

  • Applicants must receive a minimum of two bids from contractors possessing the appropriate licenses from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (applications can be denied or new bids required if prices are deemed too high compared to market rates)

Eligible Expenses

  • Construction costs (materials, labour, and administrative costs)
  • Professional fees for the completion of blueprints and cost estimates required by law or regulation (only when related to eligible construction)
  • Cost of a municipal permit
  • Applicable taxes, where necessary

Supporting Documents

  • Application form, to be obtained from local municipality or regional county municipality