Support for Booksellers and Publishers – Support for Bookstores: Section 2.1 – Support for Book Promotion and Mediation Activities

Aide aux entreprises du livre et de l’édition – Aide aux librairies : Volet 2.1 – Aide à la promotion et à la médiation du livre



Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

40% for promotion or 60% for mediation, up to $40,000


This section of the program aims to stimulate book sales and increase the amount and quality of promotion and mediation activities related to publishing, both in and outside of bookstores, as well as participation in these activities. The program also encourages Quebec authors and publishers to facilitate mediation activities, and seeks to promote attendance at bookstores and enhance the role of bookstores as intermediaries.


  • Financial support from SODEC cannot be used for already completed projects
  • Applicants must be accredited bookstores or eligible for accreditation in accordance with the Loi sur le développement des entreprises québécoises dans le domaine du livre
  • Applicants must have submitted an annual accreditation report to the Ministry of Culture and Communications

Eligible Expenses

  • Eligible costs related to promotion include:
  • Catalogue costs (design, writing, editing, printing, distribution)

  • Advertising (design, purchasing ad space in written and electronic media, distribution costs on social media)

  • Promotional material (design, production, printing)

  • Eligible costs related to mediation include:
  • Fees and honoraria paid to authors, facilitators, or other participants not employed by the bookseller during an activity

  • Purchase or rental costs for equipment necessary for an activity (the long-term requirement for purchased equipment must be justified)

  • Rental costs for a stand or kiosk for a promotional or sales event

  • Salaries for the bookseller’s employees and owner (if the latter is salaried)

  • Other expenses may be considered in the case of a pilot phase of a program (expenses should be indicated so as to be considered during review of the application)

Supporting Documents

  • Completed SOD@ccès online application form
  • Declaration of applicant company form
  • Information on shareholders/directors
  • Financial statements
  • Annual accreditation report submitted to the Ministry of Culture and Communications
  • Table of eligible expenses
  • Invoices for each type of expense
  • Samples of existing advertisements and promotional materials
  • Annex A – Activity programming
  • Annex B – Salaries for employees and salaried owner
  • Master file, including:
  • Copies of the governing documents, certificate of constitution, articles of incorporation, declaration of registration, certificate of amendment and partnership or shareholders agreement (if applicable)

  • Organizational structures for the applicant company and, if applicable, any affiliated companies, including shareholders

  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant company’s executives