Refundable Tax Credit for Book Publication

Crédit d’impôt remboursable pour l’édition de livres



Program Type




Type of Aid

Refundable tax credit

Financial Aid

Up to $437,500; 50% of eligible preparatory costs, plus 35% of related labour costs; 33.3% of eligible printing costs, plus 27% of related labour costs


This program offers refundable tax credits in order to develop foreign markets for works from Quebec and important publication projects. It also supports translation and digital versions of works.


  • Eligible publishing companies must be established in Quebec during the tax year and recognized by SODEC
  • The applicant company assumes, either solely or with other companies involved in co-publishing, all financial and commercial risks involved in publication
  • Eligible works must:
  • Have been published for commercial purposes in an initial print run of at least 100 copies

  • Be written by a Quebec author or, if a work is written by more than one author, at least 50% of the authors are from Quebec (not including illustrators)

  • Be published under the trademark of an eligible company or of a third party if the work is intended for export

  • Be comprised of at least 48 printed pages, unless it is a children’s book (eight pages), a comic (16 pages), or a collection of poetry (32 pages)

  • Be published as a hardcover book

  • At least 75% of the amount corresponding to the total publication costs for a work, other than the non-refundable advances paid to Quebec authors, must be allocated either to individuals residing in Quebec at the end of the calendar year during which work on the publication began, or to companies established in Quebec during that calendar year

Eligible Expenses

  • Preparatory costs incurred before the work is printed, including costs related to development, design, research, illustration, layout, non-reimbursable advances to authors, etc.
  • Printing costs directly attributable to the first print run of the work, its first binding, etc.
  • Eligible labour costs related to the preparation and printing of the work (see documentation for specific criteria)

Supporting Documents