Development Support – Section 1: Selective Aid for Production Companies and Animated Feature Film Prototyping Assistance

Aide au développement – Volet 1 : Aide sélective aux entreprises de production



Program Type



20-Apr-22; 9-Nov-22

Type of Aid

Investment (Screenwriting), Grant (Animated Feature Film Prototyping)

Financial Aid

60%, up to a maximum of $40,000 for a feature-length fiction film, $50,000 for a feature-length animated film, or $30,000 for a documentary film; 50%, up to $250,000 for Animated Feature Film Prototyping Assistance


This section of the program supports screenwriting for diverse and high quality medium- and feature-length fiction and documentaries by contributing to the costs directly related to screenwriting.

It also provides support to finance the production of prototyping for animated feature film projects under the new Animated Feature Film Prototyping Assistance sub-component of the program.


  • This program is intended for Quebec production companies specializing in feature-length fiction, animation, and documentary films
  • First-time applicants must contact SODEC at least one month before the submission deadline to determine their eligibility otherwise they will not be considered
  • Production companies with experience in a specific production format that are submitting a project in another format must contact SODEC at least one month before the submission deadline to determine their eligibility
  • Applicants must demonstrate expertise judged by SODEC to be sufficient and relevant to the particular characteristics and parameters of the project in question and consistent with the anticipated production budget
  • If a single company, including related companies, submits more than one project per deadline, at least half of its projects must be written or co-written by a screenwriter
  • Applications for support in rewriting will be considered according to the criteria of the Request for Support in Rewriting sub-section of the program (see documentation)
  • Financial support cannot be used retroactively
  • Applicants must have produced and screened several audiovisual fiction or documentary works in a professional context (excluding festivals) in Quebec during the eight years preceding the application
  • An application for a project that has already been declined can be resubmitted with significant new creative elements; a project can be declined a total of three times (with certain exceptions)
  • Projects eligible for the Young Creators Support Program are ineligible, unless the applicant’s experience is deemed sufficient
  • For the Animated Feature Film Prototyping Assistance sub-component:
  • A single company, including related companies, may submit only one project per deadline

  • In the case of an interprovincial or international co-production with a Quebec majority, only the production expenses borne by the applicant company are taken into account to determine SODEC's participation (a co-production is considered to be a majority when 51% or more of the rights to a project are held by one or more Quebec companies)

  • Interprovincial or international co-productions involving a Quebec minority are not eligible for prototyping assistance

  • A rejected project may be resubmitted, but is no longer eligible after two refusals; however, SODEC reserves the right to accept that a project may be resubmittedand will determine the prerequisites required and the date by which the project can be be resubmitted

Eligible Expenses

  • Costs of optioning or acquiring rights
  • Writer's fee
  • Screenwriting consultant's fee
  • Director's fee (if screenwriter is not also the director)
  • Research and related travel and living expenses
  • Costs related to producing a demo (documentary only)
  • Artistic research and illustration costs, graphic bible, storyboarding, and character modeling (animation only)
  • Translation costs for foreign solicitation purposes (animation only);
  • Administration fees (maximum 20% of eligible expenses)
  • Producer's remuneration (maximum 20% of eligible expenses)
  • Synopsis translation costs (co-production only).
  • Eligible expenses for the Animated Feature Film Prototyping Assistance sub-component only:
  • Research and content preparation costs

  • Costs related to project team salaries and fees

  • Artistic expenses (interpretation, music, graphic design, production)

  • Technological infrastructure costs

  • Costs of acquiring rights not included in the writing assistance

  • Translation costs;

  • Administrative costs (maximum 10% of eligible costs)

  • Producer remuneration (maximum 10% of eligible costs)

Supporting Documents

  • Completed SOD@ccès online application form
  • Contracts, agreements, aquisitions of rights
  • Financial elements and budgets
  • Creative elements
  • Request for rewrite, is applicable
  • Business strategy
  • Declaration of the applicant company
  • Master file, including:
  • A description of activities and productions

  • A business plan

  • Copies of the governing documents, certificate of constitution, articles of incorporation, declaration of registration, certificate of amendment (if applicable) and shareholders agreement

  • Information on shareholders and board members

  • Organizational structures for the applicant company and, if applicable, any affiliated companies

  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant company’s executives

  • Financial statements from applicant company for the previous two accounting periods

  • For details of the documentation please check this link