Support for Export and Cultural Outreach – Sodexport – Section 3.4: Funding and Foreign Partnership Research

Programme d'aide à l'exportation et au rayonnement culturel - sodexport – Volet 3.4 : Recherche de financement et de partenariat à l’étranger



Program Type




Type of Aid


Financial Aid

100%, up to $2,000


This section of the program supports Quebec producers’ travels abroad for majority Quebec productions in the development stage that have been selected for an international professional event listed under Annex B.


  • Applications must be submitted at least 14 days before the event
  • SODEC reserves the right to support producers’ attendance at events not listed under Annex B if it has entered an agreement with the event
  • Production companies cannot be funded for more than two events for a single project
  • Applicant companies must hold the rights for a project, or the majority of rights in the case of an international co-production
  • Applicants must have fulfilled their obligations towards SODEC for funding received through this or any other program

Eligible Expenses

  • The producer’s economy class transportation costs

Supporting Documents

  • Completed SOD@ccès online application form
  • Letter of invitation or confirming selection to the event
  • Budget and funding structure
  • Master file, including:
  • Copies of the governing documents, certificate of constitution, articles of incorporation, declaration of registration, certificate of amendment and partnership or shareholders agreement (if applicable)

  • Shareholders and directors identification form

  • Organizational structures for the applicant company and, if applicable, any affiliated companies, including shareholders

  • Curriculum vitae of the applicant company’s executives

  • Financial statements